Monday, March 12, 2012

Occupy Your Bookshelf

So, it appears an article from this blog was published in a new book Edited by Aragorn! and published by Little Black Cart. Occupy Everything is a compendium of anarchist writings, spanning a few years, relating to the idea of occupying space. It is relevant right now considering the hype surrounding the current Occupy movement that took to the mainstream last year, and provides readers with a varied response from anarchist perspectives. I encourage the free use of anything written, recorded, created, blah blah blah, and am glad Aragorn! found something of use in my writing for this project. I did not submit to this book, and think that I probably would not have considering my aversion to most things in the public light of anarchism these days, thanks to my experiences with the social anarchists of Portland and beyond, but I am glad that this book is out and that I am peripherally involved. Thanks to Aragorn! for all the hard work that he does, and fuck off to all the shit hackers on AnarchistNews that are on his shit for getting it done.

I was a little shocked to find that amidst the leftist dribble that is sure to surround such discussions, this book actually puts forth some decent critiques and offers some solid ideas as well. It is too bad the book wasn't released after Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen collaborated on an epic piece of shit writing called The Cancer In Occupy that stirred up enough turds to make a plumber blush! I suppose we will see more books of this kind in the near future, and I applaud Aragorn! and LBC for getting it out in time to beat out the standard liberal faux-radical shit that is sure to follow from other publishers.

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