Friday, June 7, 2013

From The Wilder-Ness

This is just to say that I have been quite content to not be online all the fucking time, but if you are reading this blog, cheers to that! Here are a couple of great opportunities for folks to gather and commune in the wilds of two distinct regions this summer.

Wild Roots Feral Futures - In the occupied lands of the Ute, Southern Colorado - Summer Solstice  I HIGHLY recommend this gathering to all folks, FAMILY FRIENDLY and organic in it's processes.

Feral Awakenings - In the Occupied lands of the Shoshone, Central Idaho - Midsummer  This will be the first gathering of it's kind in this locale. Please go and support it, make of it all you desire!

Also, if you want to visit some folks living year round on the ground, around the fire, come visit us in Klammath/Takelma/Modoc lands of Southern Oregon. bring your bedroll and gather some dead wood on your walk in for the Big Lodge!

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